Scratching the Surface

Some days I draw just for the joy of mark-making, to pull a mark across paper, to feel the drag, the resistance, the imperfection of the line. Drawing with less familiar tools is a little frustrating: they don’t work like I think they will, they don’t hold ink, they bend and snap… But it also makes me really aware of the marks I make.

This first piece is sketched with a feather on a rough toothed paper. I added a posca marker and colored pencil to the mix, but all the linework is with a feather or with smudgy marks made with my fingers.

And here I substituted the feather with a bamboo pen.

Sketching the redwood trees, I use a twig (see it in the photo?) I find on the ground nearby. It feels more connected to the trees than my plastic pen. Most of the color is added with a small metal palette knife.

Do you use any tools besides pencils and pens? I’d love to hear about them.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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9 Responses to Scratching the Surface

  1. Christy says:

    I’ve been loving a credit card dipped in paint for the random mark making effect. And a lot cheaper way to use it!

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  2. So beautiful!!! You are so talented !!🌸🌸

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  3. Helena Traoré says:

    The Sketching Play/Labs have been so enriching to me, even if I know that I need to go on exploring now on my own. Anyway, I bring with me a cut out plastic card, a sponge and a rubber scraper when I go out sketching on location. I would like to concentrate on those tools for now. So fun and relaxing to do things differently.

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  4. Any kind of metal will make marks on a casein or Chinese white ground and silver oxidizes to a beautiful patina. Certainly can watercolor over the casein drawing but not Chinese white.

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  5. Nice drawings, both the Violinists and the Trees are amazing.


  6. This is very cool – all these fun and weird implements for drawing 🙂 The twig is the best!


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