Sketching as a Question: USk Talks

This weekend I had the huge honor not only of being on a USk Talks session, but also on sharing the hour with one of the most inspiring sketchers, USk founder Gabi Campanario. If you missed the session, it is here:

I’ll write a longer post tomorrow on the subjects we spoke on, but today I just wanted to say thank you:
To Gabi for creating an incredible community that has been the backbone of my sketching practice for over a decade.
To Rob Sketcherman for being such a gracious host.
To Rita Sabler, USk Education Director for all the work she puts into each show and for encouraging me to keep searching until I found a subject I felt passionately about and wanted to share about.

And to the huge team of volunteers who helps make every show look as effortless as it does. I hope they do a “Behind the Scenes” episode so all of us who enjoy these talks can see what it takes to make them happen.

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8 Responses to Sketching as a Question: USk Talks

  1. It was truly a wonderful and inspiring talk. I would encourage anyone who has not heard it to tune in on IGTV or YouTube. In fact I am going out to sketch my What If today. And also tell a story about it. I am putting both your challenge and Gabi’s together. And it may even include Rita’s.


  2. It would be fun to draw behind the sciences live!


  3. We enjoyed watching it here in Australia. Just happy for once that it was in the afternoon for us. Good to hear all of you chatting. We miss our USk friends around the world.

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  4. miatagrrl says:

    It was a really inspiring and illuminating program with two of my favorite sketchers featured! Brava!

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