Day 70 at Home: Tiny Neutrals Palette

I use a super-tiny palette called a Demi Palette from Expeditionary Art that I fill with neutrals only. And every once in a while, I put away my full color palette and use just this one. It teaches me to think better in just value, without the support of color.

I used it last week on for these . But this little spread in my sketchbook shows better what I like to do with it. It contains only two colors, Ultramarine Blue and Transparent Red Oxide, both from Daniel Smith, plus white gouache.

The largest pan contains a pre-mix neutral from the two colors, one that feels neither warm nor cool. When I use it I like to start there and then push it warm or cool with the two colors.

The two whites are both M. Graham Titanium White gouache. I just loaded them in two pans hoping I would keep one clean. You can see that’s more theory than what really happens.

It’s a fun little palette to use and with it’s interchangeable pan setup ( magnetic pans that can be pulled in and out easily, and I have extras), I can see using it for different triads too, and changing them up every once in a while…

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10 Responses to Day 70 at Home: Tiny Neutrals Palette

  1. Nice palette, Those are both earth pigments, but do you ever use greys, I know there are several good watercolour greys. The only one I have right now is Paynes Grey. But would like to try some others. Of course grey is easy to make by mixing primaries together.


  2. Diane Winters says:

    I especially liked that very neutral view from your window on a grey day last week, and had meant to comment on it. The color being so very minimal made it all the more appreciated and satisfying. It’s a great exercise to work that way. By the way, I happen to have a set of salad/desert plates in the same pattern as your mug in the photo here.

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  3. Carol A Lehner says:

    Love the color combinations — what sketchbook are you using?

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  4. Bernadette says:

    Nice palette and subject matter. It makes me think of Liz Steele and her coffee cups.

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  5. Laurel says:

    Thank you for this post, very interesting color choices.

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  6. So much creative expression from such a limited palette! Only someone who knows the media can be this successful.

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