Day 69 at Home: What’s next week looking like?

What have you watched, read and painted this week? And what’s next week looking like for you?

Tuesday, May 26th, Thursday 28th:

The Sketching Play/Lab series continues this week with the last two sessions based on the theme, Free Your Line. And mid-week, we announce a new theme for the next couple of weeks. Hear about it first by getting on our mailing list. Email us at

Last week’s paint-along workshop painting California Poppies was fun. It was especially lovely to “meet” so many of you who I only know from this blog. If there’s interest in another session, I’m game to paint California Poppies anytime!

Other Stuff…

• Shari Blaukopf has a new workshop available called Light, Color, Shadow. I am only halfway through watching it but I can tell you this much: it is chock-a-bloc with information and demos not only on how to paint light and shadow on different surfaces and subjects, just also on how to think in terms of them and see them when you paint. As always, Shari not only demos each subject, she also discusses her tools and color mixes. You can sign up here.

• Speaking of chock-a-block with information, Liz Steel’s Foundations Fridays blogposts are just that. I go back and read a random one every now and then because they go indepth into different subjects every week.

• I could rewatch this youtube movie over and over. Exhibition on Screen: David Hockney is fabulous and inspiring.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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2 Responses to Day 69 at Home: What’s next week looking like?

  1. florync says:

    Thank you so much for bringing the Hockney film to my attention, Suhita. Attending his Bigger Exhibition show in San Francisco a few years ago was a life changer for me!


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