Day 65 at Home: The viola is back

I caught the last bit of a viola lesson today and made this video of me sketching it. 

I realized, about halfway through struggling with figuring out the viola that I have never bothered to do studies of the instrument. So it’s hard to draw it in use because I don’t really know its structure. And I don’t mean “know” in a way where I understand how it works and what each bit is called and what it does. I mean “know” in a way that you can from having drawn something; from having walked it’s surface and contours with your eyes and your pen.

I’ll have to remedy that soon, but meanwhile, here is the finished spread from my book.

65 days into our official Shelter-in-Place order, and I’m grateful to still have a to-do list of things to draw and study from home.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Day 65 at Home: The viola is back

  1. Bernadette says:

    Had you not commented about not knowing the viola well enough to draw…I would not have noticed, The drawing is lovely. I have troubles drawing our cat in not knowing the structure, the bones and fluff of the cat well enough to draw him with the confidence I see you have with drawing your cat. I guess the answer is…keep on keeping on! Great sketches!

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  2. suzanne tractenberg says:

    Fantastic! And the piano lesson was marvelous as well! You are an inspiration, Suhita! I am practicing with the CDE Sailor pen and also the Pentel pocket brush pen. Quick sketching with color, then adding some lines with the pens in blk ink. Thanks so much for doing the videos, Xox, Suzanne

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  3. Diana ross says:

    Loved watching you draw with your quick, slow strokes, blending tone with your finger. What pen implement were you using ?

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