Day 63 at Home: Drawing ( and chatting) on Instalive

I did a lot of live drawing (and chatting) sessions on instagram last week, and I posted about some of them too.

There was this first one with Shari Blaukopf that I posted about.

And I mentioned one I did with Paul Wang. It’s where I drew these lemons.

I also did one with Art Toolkit where we discussed working on toned paper while I sketched from a photo of my cat.

And then, just because we were amused by the odd idea of sitting across a table and being on InstaLive together, my daughter and I did a half hour session where we passed 2 sheets of paper back and forth every 5 minutes, each of us making marks or drawing on it before exchanging sheets. We ended up with these two silly drawings.

I love the sense of shared connection and energy of InstaLive, but I think I need a break from being so social online this week. So it’s a relatively quiet week for me, I’ll be drawing with family and running Sketching Play/Lab sessions of course. Butmore live chat and draw sessions? Next week, perhaps. If you have something you think would be fun to watch me draw, let me know.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to Day 63 at Home: Drawing ( and chatting) on Instalive

  1. Diane Winters says:

    Delightful! That drawing activity with your daughter was such a nice idea – for the shared experience, for shaking up habits and intentions, and for the very charming results.


  2. I really like your 2 more abstract paintings, they turned out really well.


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