Day 58 at Home: Car Sketching With Shari Blaukopf

Yesterday I did an InstaLive session with Shari Blaukopf where we sketched live from our cars and chatted. You can see her beautiful sketch here on her blog.

Here’s what I sketched: a burnt orange jeep that happened to be parked in the lot next to me. How did I choose my site? By wherever in the neighborhood my phone showed the most bars! (not something I usually need to do because I don’t stream my sketching.)

It’s kinda fun to do these sessions. I get to chat with friends and try something new each time. It keeps me amused and engaged, both things I’ve found really valuable in his time when more regular schedules and restricted movement are a necessary part of life. And I’ve been super lucky that I have friends who will try stuff and not worry too much about whether it works.

Here are two sketches from my car-sketching session yesterday, both of the same subject. Sketch 1 was done 10 minutes before we started because I thought the jeep would drive off… but it didn’t so I sketched it again live, and this one took over 20 minutes.

The sketches are a great example of the difference (for me) between working quietly and working while talking. I am much better at knowing when to stop when I work quietly, and much, much more likely to keep messing around when talking.

But just looking at the end results here kinda misses the point of this. Shari put it best when she said “It felt like we were sitting next to each other on a park bench, sketching and chatting, instead being on opposite sides of the continent.”

Thank you everyone that drops in and chats online, it is fun to “see” you this way. Curious about the setup I used? Here it is:

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6 Responses to Day 58 at Home: Car Sketching With Shari Blaukopf

  1. Connie says:

    What does the small palette contain


    • the small one on the left? that’s an art tool kit demi palette , I use it for when I just want to work small with greyscale only: It 1) white gouache 2) a mix of transparent red oxide and ultramarine blue 3) ultramarine blue 4) transparent red oxide. Basically a neutral plus white and the components of the neutral so I can push it warm or cool if I want to…


  2. Caroline Vallis says:

    Possibly a really dumb question but what is a lap desk?!


  3. Barbara Becker says:

    Suhita and Shari, Saw your pic of your car lap desk and set up. Can you tell us more how set up works for both of you and all manner of detail about it? I try to wc in my car and it is tough to juggle all the brushes, pens, palette, etc. without losing gear under and between the seats. I’m quite sure others would be very interested in this topic as well. Many thanks for your thoughts about gear and car sketching. I enjoyed this instagram session yesterday as well as USK Chicago with both of you – Shari for her demo and Suhita for people in motion at the Bean. Barbara Becker Milwaukee, Wisconsin



    • Barbara, I use this complex a setup only because I was streaming live: otherwise theres no lapdesk involved. I liked having the lapdesk surface but it also meant i could only draw from the passenger side of the car. I drew again for the car today and will post that: I usualy stand up and draw in public so car drawing is easy: the water sits in one little water container holder by me, the paint palette by it, and I use a single brush : the book rests on the steering wheel. My sketchbag sits in the passenger seat.


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