Day 47 at Home: Brian Eno and finally, an Urban Sketch

This set of studies was done over a few days.  And even though I don’t have words for what I’m learning, I know I am. Most of all, perhaps, to do stuff I don’t always like doing, like little studies. Because I just want to jump in. 

My friend Iva first mentioned Brian Eno is perfect to listen to in this time and then the New York Times said so too. So I played some of these pieces and doodled with nothing in mind really. And this is where I ended up.

Today I was out running an errand after a long, long time and I stopped by the roadside and did this sketch from my car. It felt strange to be out sketching a real urban scene, the kind I love: gritty, not pretty. I miss this sort of sketching so much.

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6 Responses to Day 47 at Home: Brian Eno and finally, an Urban Sketch

  1. Barbara Beynon says:

    I agree–going somewhere after days and weeks of staying put is an amazing experience. I think if I didn’t have an occasional necessary errand, I’d forget how to drive! Loved seeing an everyday, out- and-about sketch from you today. The little studies are lovely, however; please keep doing those as well.

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  2. Thomas Richmond says:

    really like what you did with the car >> ENO > first time listening ,like it with videos but a little sad.

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  3. Thomas Richmond says:

    like what you did with car ENO> nice with videos but a little sad tom

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  4. Connie Hamilton says:

    A Coincidental but got up today with this sense of longing to go out for urban sketching with a foursome we have. To find the shade, smell the abundance of nature, listening to the bird sing. Yes I miss the outings. Hasn’t stopped sketching but what is done is different now! I give thanks to all those who have created on-line ART get togethers!

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