Day 40 at Home: Watch, Enjoy, Learn

I’ll go back to posting sketches but today I wanted to post about some things I’ve been watching, following, learning and just plain enjoying.

In the last few weeks I’ve watched, enjoyed and learnt from so much of the content that is out on the internet.

A few online workshops I enjoyed this week.

Shari Blaukopf’s Sketching Structure in the Garden. If you follow Shari’s blog or have bought her book, you’ll see the concepts she talks about often in action in this workshop.

I finally found the time to watch a James Gurney workshop,Color in Practice, and work through some of the gouache-based exercises in it last week and it was really fun.

I like watching videos but I also like to read my art-learning content.
• Liz Steel has been blogging on a myriad of subjects under the heading Foundations Fridays for a while.
• Heather Ihn Martins’s facebook group called The Art Refuge has lots of art challenges you can participate in and plenty of discussions and questions and answers on this forum.
• On Sunday mornings, at 9am Pacific Time, I watch a livestream on the UrbanSketchers instagram page where two sketcher are interviewed by Rob Sketcherman. This week it will be Oliver Hoeller and Stephanie Bower. The two sketchers being interviewed share a common thread they talk about, making for lovely Sunday morning listening.

Outside of what I’m watching and listening to, I’m enjoying participating in online conversations and sketching meetups.

• On Monday, April 27th, at 9pm Mountain Time and 8pm Pacific Time, Paul Heaston and I will “Draw Our Mess” On Paul’s Instagram Live. It’s the perfect excuse to not clear up my desk this weekend. And I’m looking forward to drawing and chatting with Paul.


• Starting  Tuesday, Paul Wang and I will run a weekly Zoom session called Sketching Play/Lab, a discovery and experimentation based space in which we’ll examine different design elements every week. This is a free/donation-based session for the first few weeks with a limited number of participants.

1st Session: Tuesday 28th April at 11pm (Singapore Time) or 3pm GMT
2nd Session: Tuesday 5th May at 11pm (Singapore Time) or 3pm GMT

Sign up Here

Email us to be put on a waiting list for future workshops

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