Day 35 at Home: Line Obsessed

I’ve always loved line, it can speak so much. And looking at my recent sketches, I’m more line-obsessed than ever. Two recent sketches , both of which use color but are very much about line.

Yet another take on “the mess on my desk”. Because drawing it is so much more fun than clearing up.

And roses from my front yard. I blocked in some color and then drew over in in wandering line.

Have I mentioned I love line? Happy Monday, here’s to another week of staying home,  and staying safe.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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8 Responses to Day 35 at Home: Line Obsessed

  1. sandomina says:

    Are these your own paintings? If so then they are remarkably good… Rather great. I just loved them👌🤟


  2. a2459827 says:


    That’s it! Color then line. I have been playing with flowers, mostly ranunculus, putting in line first. They are so stilted. A friend gave me a spectacular bunch of roses (from her garden of 67 bushes!!!) and I wanted to ry something different. Seeing yours and thinking about line after color, I might be able to do this!

    Thank you… stay safe,


    p.s. I’m getting really tired of flowers… if Charles wasn’t hiding out at the airport all the time I would sketch him!


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    • Marvey, yes color first and line not so much to coral it in place as just to “see ” a second time…Yes, I can do flowers for a while then I need something else. If I were where you are Id go drive around and paint form my car… the barns, the homes…. ahh, waiting for this to be where we can start talking about meeting up in Chico again:) Be well, take care, hi to Charles! I’d love to draw his plane!


  3. I like the technique of wandering line over colour. Looks good.

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  4. Bernadette says:

    Thanks for pointing out that your color came first. I’ve been trying to draw my sleeping kitty but my line rambles on without form….Yipes. It doesn’t help that the cat doesn’t hold poses well either! He shifts about even as I begin and through my time of drawing. Tomorrow, I’ll start with wash and hopefully that will work better.
    Your drawings are excellent. Love them both! Thanks for sharing…as always.


  5. pbass wil says:

    I’d rather smell actual flowers. But I’d rather _look_ at yours, than the actual thing! :^)

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