Day 31 at Home: Lautrec-Inspired Life Drawing

Model Anna Catherine, has been Lautrec-inspired this week. Which made for a really fun sketching session. Anna has got this online-posing thing down: since you’re limited by what you can see in video, it helps if the poses have cleaner silhouettes to explain them and are more open. Also, some visual drama with the camera angle and with things pushing forward in space helps and Anna gets that. All this besides being really nice and very friendly.

If you haven’t attended a virtual life-drawing session, give it a try. If you’ve wondered if it’s any different from drawing from photos, it is, and I have a hard time articulating why… If you’ve attended one, maybe you can say it better in words than I can?

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7 Responses to Day 31 at Home: Lautrec-Inspired Life Drawing

  1. annadusseau says:

    I haven’t. But your drawings are awesome. I always stop and take a look and, in fact, was discussing with my publisher whether we have the budget to approach you to do the cover art for a book I am writing on homeschooling. If you would consider a job like this, could you email me on and I’ll explain the project and put you in touch with Martin? Thanks


  2. Tina Koyama says:

    One of my favorite models where I usually go to life drawing has started offering Zoom life drawing sessions, and I’m looking forward to giving it a try on Saturday! I, too, am wondering how it will be different from both live (real life) sessions and photos. I hope it will be closer to real life than to photos.


  3. Love your drawings of Anna, and I agree, she’s great at this.
    It is definitely different than drawing from photos, but it’s also an oddly voyeuristic activity in some way. I mean, if we are in an in-person drawing session with a model, we are all in this “safe space” room, right? But watching on Zoom, knowing that lots of other people are also watching from behind the privacy of their own screens, does make it a little bit stranger for me. And for Anna too, I imagine. I look forward to the session with her on Sunday.

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  4. Shankar Subramanian says:

    Enjoyed this !!


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