Day 25 at Home: Lunch?

I feel like the days are all the same but something’s changed, and I’m not drawing so much early in the morning. With school online classes picking up our mornings are less lazy. So I sketch the kids while we eat lunch.  You wouldn’t know the difference from my breakfast sketches, except I’m telling you this is lunch.
This morning Nishant Jain aka @thesneakyartist and I did a set of 16 6-second sketches from a set of photos on Instagram Live. It was fun to chat, draw and compare notes and see similarities and differences in how we draw and think.
60secIt was fun to do and we’ll do this again! I really like this 2-person format: you chat, you exchange ideas, and you draw, no pressure. If you think of things you’d like to see in a live stream: talking with another artist, drawing or painting something, sketching with another artist like we did today, let me know, I’m looking for ideas.

This little mug of chai appeared in my book too. It’s black Oaxacan pottery, which brings back memories of a fabulous time teaching a workshop with Art Leap Adventures in Oaxaca, Mexico last year. Fingers crossed, we’re back for a week in Mexico City this fall with our next workshop

25 days into the lockdown here in the Bay Area: Some things get easier, some things harder. And through it all, I’m able to put pen to paper, and for that, I am so, so grateful.

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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6 Responses to Day 25 at Home: Lunch?

  1. Cathy gondek says:

    I don’t comment often, but your drawings are a part of my morning as I have my coffee every day. Thank you for sharing your art!


  2. Linda says:

    I would like to see you sketch someone while they tell you their story. It would be interesting to see when you sketch and when you jot down their words. The sketches and stories you do at the recovery place are wonderful. But a demo would need to be respectful of privacy so you probably couldn’t do someone in recovery.


    • I can’t ever do a livestream of recovery stories, because the storytelling depends very much on NO recording: I don’t even record audio, it really changes the conversation… At some point, can do a recording of a reportage sketch in that style, but it will have to be form life: it is so, so hard to get the same feel with a person on video… thank you, good thought, I’ll think about how to do that in the future.


  3. Your kids are reading Michio Kaku??????? WOW!!


    • my kids are almost 13 and 15 🙂 … not so little anymore. I think it’s more that things just lie around in the house, and the kids pic it up and read it. also, good spotting , stephanie!


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