Day 21 at Home: Back to Sunday

For a little while on Sunday morning I might’ve forgotten we are in shelter-in-place mode. It was grey and rainy, the sort of weather in which I would be home anyways, so I got down to making a bit of progress on clearing up my studio, listening to illustrator Chris Ridell on Desert Island Discs. Give him a listen, so much of what he says really resonated with me, including that quote I put on my sketch. The cat came and sat on my computer looking out the window at a duck that had wandered down our street. I stopped clearing up and sketched, of course. I even got in some process shots.

Later that afternoon, a sketch-format many of us have become familiar with now: Zoom-chatting and drawing with friends.

And another sketch of the view out of my window, this time in direct watercolor. The pencil lines are added at the end of the sketch.

That was Sunday and now it’s the workweek again.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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