Day 18 at Home: Sketch and Repeat

Yesterday, Thursday April 2nd (that’s just to remind myself of where in the year we are) I started my day as usual with a breakfast sketch. Exactly like I did the day before.

And then I did an instagram livechat with Liz Steel (@lizsteelart) which was fun. Naturally, we talked about the challenges of sketching in this new reality. One of the things we discussed was sketching a subject or a routine over and over again.

Some other interesting ideas that came from that chat, that I’m going to implement:

Pack my Sketchbag: I miss my sketching backpack, something I grabbed anytime I stepped out of the house because I never know when I will sketch. So I’m going to pack my backpack and “go” sketching tomorrow: go sketching in the kitchen, go sketching by the front door, go sketching… you get the idea. Not only will it feel a little more normal, it also helps keep all my supplies together. Right now I end up leaving bits of my kit all over the house.

Clean and Fill my Palette: This is a ritual I associate with going traveling. Freshening up my kit, thinking about whether I need to switch out a color: since things have changed and I’m doing a lot of home sketching, surely I need a palette tweak…

Do the #SketchAndRepeat challenge: At the end of our chat, Liz asked for a challenge. I figured #SketchandRepeat sounded like a good challenge for the times: Sketch an object or a routine everyday. Don’t try too hard to make each one different, just do it and see what changes, what you learn, how you grow… Why don’t you give it a go too?
If you use the hashtags #SketchAndRepeat and #lizSketchChatChallenge and tag us (@lizsteelart @suhitasketch) in the comments, we’ll get to see what you’re sketching everyday.

In “other things” I messed around a little bit today with charcoal and did these little compositions where I colored a rectangle in middle grey charcoal, then erased out some lights and added some darks. Not sure where I will go with these, but they were messy and fun and they went straight to the recycling pile after I photographed them.

Because not everything I make needs to hang around forever, most of it I make just for the pleasure of making it.


About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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