Day 17 at Home: Virtual Life Drawing

I attended my first two virtual life drawing sessions over the last couple of days. I am blown away by the generosity of models at a time when their livelihood has disappeared as they shelter in place. Both sessions I attended were run for free, the first one marked Transgender Day of Visibility. It was a donate-if-you-wish-fundraiser run by the model Álida Pepper for the Trans Disaster Relief Fund fundraiser.


This second set is a different session with model Anna Catherine, who ran a Zoom session with mostly short poses. I used watercolor, acrylic ink, and colored pencil on most of these and tried different ways of drawing including with my ink dropper. You can watch a bit of that here.

If you do attend an online session, even if it is free, do remember to ask how you can pay the models. In this difficult time, it really, really helps.

Online life drawing is different than being the room, for sure. I’m finding that I need to work more what I already know. And I can’t say why, but I want to stylize more than I usually do. I like sessions without instruction or moderators best, it comes closest to being in a room, just drawing and getting in the zone. But most of all, I am really, really thankful for having this now when we are all in our homes: people from all over the world join in, and that is pretty amazing.

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6 Responses to Day 17 at Home: Virtual Life Drawing

  1. rhodadraws says:

    This is TERRIFIC! I’d like to find some virtual models in the coming days/weeks. Can you post any more contacts that provide sessions without instruction? Muchas Gracias.

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    Hi, Suhita.

    Huge congrats on your new book. You are amazing I hope you know you inspire me everyday!

    Thanks for the referral to the figure drawing sessions with Anna Christina. I plan to take advantage of this fantastic option to figure draw at home from a live model!!!

    Stay well!

    Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse typos and short replies. Elaine



    • Elaine, thank you! Be well, and I hope you have a long botanical illustration project to work on with so much time indoors on your hands? The session with Anna Christina was lovely great model and I just paypalled her for the session at the end of it, a virtual tip jar…


  3. Margaret Hunt says:

    Nice job!! Sounds fun will have to check out in my spare time. Hmm what happened to that with all the scrubbing!?!

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  4. Shankar Subramanian says:

    Wow. This is really awesome. I am just getting into sketching and learning about art. Thanks for all this.


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