Day 11 at Home: Trying to Keep it Fresh

I didn’t post this one yesterday, but the day before felt like Groundhog Day. Is it just me or are your days merging into each other?

Mostly, I feel lucky that all most of us have to do is stay home to help. But sometimes I stop and think “Did I say that today or was that yesterday?” Some days I can lean into it, somedays I need to switch it up.

You might see lots more sink sketches.

And if I get lucky, there might be some action outside my studio window , like there was today when my neighbor’s gardener stopped by to quickly move some stuff to the street for green waste pickup tomorrow. I stepped out to the the front of the house to draw, but forgot a brush, so this is fingerpainted.
Be well, and keep making art.


About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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6 Responses to Day 11 at Home: Trying to Keep it Fresh

  1. tangosbaking says:

    Take care and stay safe! ❤️

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  2. a2459827 says:


    You make me feel so much better about my cluttered kitchen sink!

    😊 Marvey


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  3. I love your loose style…. so many charming glimpses of daily life!

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  4. miatagrrl says:

    Yeah, I know the groundhog feeling… I keep forgetting what day it is! And if you think you’re being repetitive, all I’m doing is drawing my hand every day! Soon I think I’ll shake it up and sketch more out the windows. But it’s going to be a long haul, so i have to pace myself.

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