Day 3 at home: Chard for Dinner?

I joined a new facebook group run my the super-fantastic artist, Heather Ihn Martin. The group is called, The Art Refuge. Here is what Heather says about it:
This group is created as a positive space for people to share work, meet fellow artists, learn new things, get feedback (when requested), and give your brain a break from any anxiety. It’s open to ALL levels and mediums. Beginners welcome!

Heather sets a few challenges every week and you participate int he ones you want to. One of the first ones was to draw something edible in a medium you do not usually use.

I planted chard in my backyard years ago. And when it gets too warm, it goes to seed, but it comes back every year. So I have a pretty steady supply of it with zero work to do. I brought a generous handful of stems in , put them in a glass of water, and painted them in acrylics.
It was really fun to smoosh color around and leave curly tracks ( brush marks?) in the paint as I moved along. My initial drawing was with blue and I let it show through.

If you are stuck indoors, how is it going? I try to break up my day into chunks, while staying flexible. 3 chunks of time for making breakfast, lunch and dinner, a break for a neighborhood walk with the kids, a few hours of work, atleast an hour to paint, a sketch here and there between things, a boardgame or movie in the evening. Yesterday we all watched Jojo Rabbit.

Now go make some art! More tomorrow!


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4 Responses to Day 3 at home: Chard for Dinner?

  1. miatagrrl says:

    I love plants with both red and green in their leaves! Nicely done in an unusual medium for you. For the past 4 days, I’ve drawn my hand each day, so I decided that I have started a self-challenge series: a hand a day until this disaster ends. (Or until I can’t stand the series anymore. 😉 ) It gives me a daily goal that’s challenging (as you know! I remember your series of hands) but doable. Also walking around the ‘hood almost every day and usually sketching briefly while outside. It’s heartbreaking that the weather is finally getting warmer and sunnier in Seattle.

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  2. I really like the beautiful colours in these vegetables.

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