One Week 100 People: All Done?

Day 4 of the One Week 100 People. I think I am at 100. Loose gestures is all I had the focus for in a week with so much going on outside of sketching. Sketched these this morning while waiting at the orthodontist’s office.


I’m pleased that for the most part, I put away my favorite sketching tools this week: not much color used in this set of 100 and I only used my brushpen and Sailor Fude nib pen on one day. This is something I want to do more often: take a break from a favorite brush or pen and just draw with a very basic tool. It exposes my drawing in a more barebones sort of way and makes me work on aspects of it that might get covered up by a tool I use well.

It’s not the end of the week yet, so if you have a ways to go, you still have time. Remember, you don’t have to work form life. Magazines, video, photographs, TV are all great sources of inspiration.

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10 Responses to One Week 100 People: All Done?

  1. kimbidraws says:

    Thanks for this! Love your people. I drew from reference this time too and I have to say I actually got further this time than last time and I think I may be better able to draw ppl in real time better because I did this challenge

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  2. This is so cool! I am really enjoying this!

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  3. very nice contour sketches

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  4. Ali says:

    Drawing from realistic statuary is fun. It’s 3D but they don’t move and don’t mind if you stare. 🙂

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  5. I love your work and I have to let you know that I’ve found your 100 People drawings one of the most helpful things I’ve seen here. I joined in last year with the challenge and found it challenging, mainly because I got so into each drawing it took a lot of time and energy I didn’t really have. You have done your 100 (congratulations by the way!) in this lovely loose, exploratory way, not painstakingly drawing for hours, and from what you’re saying you’ve learned a lot and discovered aspects you’d like to work on. Which is the best possible outcome! You’ve inspired me. Next year I’m going to have a go, having not taken part this year, so thank you Suhita.


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