Drawing (people) at Home

A week of kids on break means a week of having people to draw all day long. People doing not much.
This is my friday evening spread. Last day of school before break. We’re all tired. I need my glass of wine. My daughter makes a small appearance on my sketchbook page.

And then the week of being home begins. Simple tools in these sketches. Blackwing Pencil. Lamy Safari. Pentel Pocket Brushpen.

Not sure this sketch below required color… here it is, before and after color. home_people3

And a game of Monopoly. Same three tools.
A slip of a line and you can end up with a comical face. ( like my son on the left with the bottom half of his face messed up). But, the sketch is about the game, not portraits. And my family just puts these down to inept drawing on my part, so it all works out.

And just like that, break week is over. 


About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Drawing (people) at Home

  1. kioratash says:

    The color is nice, bringing me into the picture. Thanks for the beautiful work.


  2. Very nice domestic sketches

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  3. Nice people, they look very dramatic.

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  4. Flory says:

    I love the brown ink too! What kind is it? I’m using DeAtramentis Document Brown, which is brighter and redder, but I’d like to try yours. Thanks!


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