Random Sketches (and a workshop signup reminder)

I keep finding random sketches from the last few weeks that never did show up here. So here’s a couple. Also, at the bottom of the post, a reminder to register THIS Sunday for a joint workshop with Stephanie Bower, Shari Blaukopf and me.

A few weeks ago, my daughter cut off most of her hair. I needed to remember that, and a photo with huge amounts of hair on the floor of the salon can look pretty gross… funny how it doesn’t look like that in a sketch.

I don’t enjoy the winter (yes, even when ‘winter’ means only a dip in temperature to the 50s). My kitchen window is a mad assortment of plants I try to keep alive, many of which are tropical. It’s my little version of Rousseau’s jungle, and while it’s completely unrealistic to try and grow these plants where I live, it makes me feel a wee bit like I’m back in the tropics. This contour drawing is with two random pens I found on my desk, one pink, one black.

For those of you interested in signing up for this workshop, signup starts THIS Sunday, at noon Pacific time, and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Instructions on how to do just that are at this link.

People | Places | Color
A Sketching Workshop by Stephanie Bower | Shari Blaukopf Suhita Shirodkar
May 15-16, 2020 • 10am-5pm • Downtown San Jose, CA

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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  1. Nice sketches, I like the loose colouring in the top one.

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