Fall Yellow

Fall is a very short season where I live. It starts with the first day the temperature drops low enough at night for the colors to turn. And it ends with the first breeze that takes all the colorful leaves off the tree.

Fall is oranges, reds, yellows (and a fair share of browns I don’t paint). But the color that seems to jump out at me the most is yellow.

The yellow of my favorite gingko tree, reflected in the carpet of leaves on the ground.  Here are two back-to-back sketches from my car. I do this often: I’ll start a first sketch and then want to try it another way.

I was done with Sketch #1 on the left and then looked back at the scene and was struck by the primary yellow(tree)-blue(sky)- red(stop sign) bit, so I did a second version. 2_yellow_gingkosSomedays I like version 1 better, somedays version 2. Do you like one over the other?

This yellow hydrant is right on my street corner. But I only seem to notice and sketch it in the fall. Yellow, again. On the left, my first sketch. I enjoyed the looseness of it but noticed as soon as I was done how wonky it was. SO I did a more controlled second sketch.

If you had to pick one, would it be #1 or #2?

That base yellow in all these sketches? The super-versatile Hansa Yellow Medium that can warm up or cool down really easily. I love it so much, it gets two half pans in my palette.



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6 Responses to Fall Yellow

  1. suzanne tractenberg says:

    I like the wonky hydrant the best! 😀 Suzanne💕 ( I have been practicing my drawing skills with a book called ‘How to Draw What You See’, by Rudy deReyna. It’s old, but very good. ….., in some ways, I think better than Betty Edwards’ book.)

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  2. The wonky one, more expressive and alive. I use Hansa yellow deep.. also a great yellow and my other fav is Schminke Rutile yellow, a more subtle color great for many of the buildings in SF..

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  3. The second version in each, and what a great yellow I need to go buy some.

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  4. I like sketch #2 in both cases as well…Hansa Yellow Medium it is!

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  5. Nanci says:

    I really like the first tree best, and that’s the same for the “wonky” hydrant. It is raw and true, I really love that it is so loosely done. Admire your work greatly.

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