Brown Ink

A switchup I made recently:  I filled one of my pens with Brown DeAtramentis Document Ink. When I used the ink, though, it looks a wee bit lighter and more burnt sienna-ish than the web sample shows. So I added a couple little bit of black to it. How much? A dash. I like it now.

These first two sketches are from a decadent tea I had with Gay and Nina while we planned our 2020 workshops. I just had to cut out the list of all that we ate with our tea so you wouldn’t quite figure what a glutton I was… Yes, scones with clotted cream was on that list!


These two sketches are quick ones from a short wait at a doctor’s appointment. It’s pretty amazing, but every time I bring my sketchbook along, my doctor’s office wait is almost too-short.

I rarely try to finish a sketch if a subject moves away and I am often surprised by how it completes itself in my mind- like the woman with the dark hair reading a magazine above: the hand gripping the magazine, the other missing hand: I don’t really miss what remains un-sketched. simple_brown_people2

I’m working to pare down my kit. The next few weeks look super busy and instead of dropping the sketching to keep up with work, I’m hoping to simplify my kit and keep the sketching quick, but keep going.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Brown Ink

  1. Paul says:

    Nicely done, would love to see your smaller/lighter sketching kit setup…

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  2. Thomas Richmond says:

    do you generally fill in the color at a later time ? and just do the sketch like the doctor visit .
    i haven’t done any outside sketching . tom

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thomas, I draw and color all on location. Sometimes I don’t color, sometimes I do, sometimes I start in color, sometimes in line. If you look at the “supplies” section of this blog you will see my sketchkit


  3. kioratash says:

    Well, shame on me; I am always so envious when I see your work. I want to sit and watch you and learn. Sigh.


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