Inktober2019, Week 1

Inktober is back. Are you taking the #inktober2019 challenge? Like many challenges, there’s a lot of direction if you want it: like daily prompts and how-to videos. But there’s nothing stopping you from loosely interpreting it or doing just some of the days. It’s great to do them all, but some is better than none. And that’s the spirit I’m going with this year.

I’m keeping it small, just working in one little ink sketch into my normal day. Here are this week’s pieces:

Inktober #1. Chinese Ink, Brushpen and Fude Pen.

Intober #2. Chinese Ink, Brushpen and Fude Pen.

These two are on a spread. This isn’t my normal sketchbook, just something I had but knew I didn’t love because it cracks at the binding when I flatten it (you can see that in the picture). But it works for these little sketches.

Inktober #3 and #4 on another spread. (and no, she says she is not inktober-ing).

Inktober #5. I have a set of acrylic inks and it seems like a good time to try them out. Not sure I’m feeling the medium in this piece, but I’ll give it another shot soon. Based on a Sktchy app photo

Inktober Day 6. Back to Chinese Ink and Brushpen. Also, back to my usual sketchbook, the Stillman and Birn 8×10 inch softcover Beta sketchbook.

Are you doing inktober this year? If you are, do you have a particular focus?

Remember to tag them #inktober and #inktober2019 so those of us following those tags might see them…

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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11 Responses to Inktober2019, Week 1

  1. cmosman says:

    These are really beautiful. So you spread the ink with the brush pen after some kind of a nib?

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    • I use chinese ink with a brush, and any penwork you see uses a fude nib pen, a bamboo dip pen or a brushpen. I don’t have a set way I put them down. sometimes It’s ink first, sometimes, pen, sometimes I go back and forth…


  2. joani1 says:

    Love your art and the way you share your sketchbook notes – thank you!

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  3. Jane Jackson says:

    Hi Suhita, loving your use of Chinese ink and Brushpen. My approach to Inktober is very different to yours, I am using a very fine Platinum carbon desk pen to do contour line sketches of what I can find in my kitchen. Today I did little studies of the different dials and switches. Inktober is great as it really does highlight how versatile and attractive a medium ink is for sketches, drawings and paintings.


  4. miatagrrl says:

    Like you, I’m keeping it simple most days — any subject, but I’m working exclusively with fountain pens this year. I’ve been focusing on graphite and color pencils so much the past couple years that I haven’t been using much ink at all, and I’ve missed my fountain pens. It’s fun getting reacquainted, though I felt kind of rough this first week. Hope to hit my stride by mid-month.

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  5. Nice Inktober Sketches.

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  6. Janice Duke says:

    Lovely work! I only managed a few days, but I enjoyed it.

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