Small Sketches

It’s been little sketches snatched between bigger projects for the last couple of weeks.

At a cafe, juxtaposing the art on the walls with the people in the cafe for a slightly surreal effect…

This kid reads Salt Fat Acid Heat pretty regularly. Glazed Five Spice Chicken is a current favorite. Wendy MacNaughton‘s illustrations in the book are beautiful.

Thinking of changing out the ink in some of my pens to a non-black. I’m going with  DeAtrmamentis Document Ink Brown this time. I might put grey into another one but I might need to dilute it some, it’s much too close to black when you use a very wet nibbed pen.

Quick little coffeeshop sketch. The stuff I wrote on this page is something I read on this blog.

Boba tea in Walnut Creek.

Turban Squashes from my friend Sarah. In Posca Markers.

And in watercolors.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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  1. Suhita, there is a new DeAtramentis…Urban Sienna. I just got it but have not used it yet.

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