Channel Islands Sketches, Part 3

More from the Channel Islands. I used one book throughout the trip, and it holds everything. It doesn’t make for a pretty flip-through, but I like it this way, a mixed bag, with my sketches, demos, pages that work out and some that don’t….

Here are the next few spreads from that sketchbook.

I really enjoyed swatching colors I saw around me. It’s a great little exercise to start seeing color more clearly.

Some people kayaked, some snorkeled. I sketched them as they got ready to head out. Those kayaks move quickly from when they hit the water to when they move into the distance…

As Nina and Tracey prepared to snorkel-sketch, (you can see the sketches on their instagram streams) I did a lesson on sketching the head quickly. Nothing beats a brushpen for gesture-drawing.

A little more sketching and our intrepid snorkel-sketchers were back.

An afternoon of on-deck lessons. Gay offered tips on translating a landscape from life to paper. I did small demo on atmospheric perspective. This is Platt’s Harbor.

The afternoon sun got hotter, the light hit the cliffs and the colors changed. This is watercolor, used thick, almost like gouache. I dragged my pencil through the wet paint to create texture.

When I’m tired and still want to draw I default to sketching people. (If there are any around) This page in colored pencil is just that.

I’d told our deckhands I wanted to watch them pull the anchor up: it’s high-action and happens super quickly, and it’s windy on deck and the boat rocks while it happens. Just the sort of challenge I need.
To my surprise, they pulled up two anchors, one after the other, and this is what they explained: When a boat is set up for diving or kayaking, two anchors are dropped to keep it steady. This keeps it from rotating in the water when it is anchored. The sketch on the top is the first anchor being pulled up, the bow anchor.  And then a second anchor, the stern anchor was pulled up, followed by a big float. 


One last set of sketches, coming up tomorrow.

Channel Islands Part 1
Channel Islands Part 2


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4 Responses to Channel Islands Sketches, Part 3

  1. Lois Stevens says:

    You were such an inspiration on this trip. Actually, so were Gay, Nina and ALL the sketchers. I can’t recall a sketching trip where so much sketching was done. Thank you for sharing your sketches.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lois,we were all an incredible group weren’t we? All keeping each other sketching all day! So many wonderful memories from this trip. I feel like I want to meetup with the group again for a sketching retreat somewhere!


  2. John Winters says:

    Thanks for posting these sketches! Your work is very inspirational. I’m really motivated to sketch looser and with more energy and you do that as well as anyone I’ve ever seen. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Imdalegreene says:

    You’re a master artist.

    Liked by 1 person

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