Colored Pencils

Besides that little set of Sennelier watercolors, I have a new set of pencils I’m loving. They are Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle colored pencils. I love that they’re watersoluble, but the original line you put down stays in it’s place. The colors are really vibrant, and the lead is strong enough to hold up to my handling it (which isn’t very gently).

Here are some sketches using the pencils and paints. All done in a small SM.ALT Art #Authenticbook sketchbook.coloredpencil_nish.jpg







There’s something about colored pencils that keeps it casual and fun for me, and I like that. Do you find you do more casual and fun work when you mix media? And what are some media you carry in your urban sketching kit?


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13 Responses to Colored Pencils

  1. I am loving this combination of colored pencil and wash! These are really fun to look at.


  2. rhodadraws says:

    YES, aquarelle pencils are my favorite way to create quick watercolor effects. Combined with pens and brush-pens, they are versatile and easy for me (and my students) to work “Fast & Loose”.


  3. kimbidraws says:

    I love the playfulness of coloured pencils indeed! I can never decide which medium to use, always going back and forth between them. Love the texture that coloured pencils bring to the drawings I make.

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  4. Elaine Pang says:

    For that same casual and fun experience I’m really enjoying a small packet of Neocolor 2 crayons. They glide on the page so nicely and make great texture if the paper is toothy, also fun for water blending.


  5. Peggy says:

    Gouache, or ‘smash’ as auto correct changes it!

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  6. Grace says:

    Did you buy the entire set or just the 12 or 30 set. Do they sell them in individual pencils

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  7. Nice drawings, I really like Faber Castell Pencils!!

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  8. Sarah M says:

    Wow. so beautiful. I have a set of those that I’ve hardly used, as I hadn’t ever seen them used very well…until now! And the Neocolors are fabulous. But I first used those 30 years ago as face/body paints on my kids! Didn’t even know people used them any other way. ha! They spent a lot of their childhood “wearing” those!

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  9. dalegreenearts says:

    You’re so talented.

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