New York: Early Morning Sketching

One of the ways I get some sketching done when I travel with my family is by getting out early in the morning and walking around and sketching while they take their time waking up. With a family that likes staying up late, that means burning the candle at both ends, but I don’t mind that when I travel: I can always come back home and catch up on my sleep!
I’ve drawn the Chrysler Building looking up this avenue years ago, and I went back to sketch it. It was a gorgeous, almost quiet morning, but now there’s a new building being built blocking the bottom half of the building. I wonder how long it will be before you can’t see it at all…


Another morning sketch, the subway station. I find it mesmerizing to watch the subway entrance swallow busy morning commuters just as it spits out others into the streets of the city.

And right by that subway stop, on another morning, I sketched the shwarma cart and vegetable vendor.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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3 Responses to New York: Early Morning Sketching

  1. Lee Kline says:

    I love your work, Suhita. When we travel, my wife likes to sleep in (until 7:30) so I get out around 5:30. This worked well until we went to India last February! Our tour guide had us all up at 5:30 and on the bus at 6:30! So, very few early morning walking excursions for me. Her worries were: heat, the speed limits on the roads (quite slow by American standards) and her concern that we get in before the crowds. It was an amazing trip. You can see my drawings in the album, India 2019 on my FLICKR page.


  2. Agnès Bolley-Vittot says:

    great sketches Suhita, we can feel the energy of the city , even that early! what kind of sketchbook do you use ! they seem to take your WC pretty well.


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