Amsterdam: A day in Edam, actually.

When you teach at a symposium, each day consists of a tight little triangle of moving between your hotel, the symposium hub, and your teaching venue. So I try and stay a few of days after to sketch the city. One of those post-symposium days, Shari Blaukopf , Liz Steel and I took a short bus ride to the quaint village of Edam.

The sketches speak to only a small part of what these days are about. Talking about sketching and making art, looking through another sketcher’s book and watching them work: No instagram image or blogpost can replace the experience and how it enriches, informs and inspires what I do.

You can tell there’s a strong lazy-day/food-focus to these post-symposium days. After working hard and grabbing grocery store salads between workshops and eating them in my room (to keep out of the almost 100 degree afternoons and to catch a break in the day by myself), I was happy to dawdle over a coffee, pastry, sketch and chat.

That was a very good apple strudel. And I love how coffee always comes with a little cookie.edam1.jpg

I love the buildings we saw everywhere. Nothing grand and pompous about them, they are human-scaled and inviting. There’s a charm to their wonkiness and even to the baffling asymmetry of their door and window arrangements.

Sitting by the canal with lunch, sketching the scene besides us. One of the few outdoor sketches I made in the week with no bicycle in it.

Not all sketches are successful. This one belongs in the oh-well category, but that’s okay.

With that last sketch done, it was time to head back to Amsterdam. If I could sketch in the bus (I can’t, I’d get carsick) I’d have loved to draw the flat Dutch countryside with it’s picture-perfect black and white cows. It was a lovely ride home.





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  1. Beautiful memories all around. I could go for one of those apple strudels just about now.

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