Zandvoort Beach

Marina Grechanik and I led the PeopleMania! workshop at Zandvoort Beach on Sunday. The weather cooperated and it was such a great beach day. Here are some photos from the day.

On the train, headed to the beach…IMG_20190721_091205

Drawing on the beach.IMG_20190721_144121

A page full of little demo sketches.
A really fun exercise.zandvoort2

My handout.handout

I did this quick little sketch in the last session to remember the lazy sunbathers, seagulls, strange bunny sign and huge ferris wheel at the beach. zandvoort3

And our final sketches.

This is us at the end of a day of beach-sketching, ready to head back to Amsterdam!IMG_20190721_155309

Thank you to all the participants who made the trek down with us and gamely sketched people all over the beach.

dreamteamAnd thank you to our wonderful volunteer coordinators, Caroline and Cecilia: we could not have done this without you. Most of all, thank you Marina: teaching with you was as much of a blast as I imagined… Let’s do this again!




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  1. tangosbaking says:

    So many beautiful sketches!

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