Supplies packed, headed to Amsterdam

Sorry for the super-long silence on the blog. I was away in New York on a family vacation. Lots of sketches from that trip, but they’ll have to wait because right now I’m packed and headed out to Amsterdam to teach at the Urban Sketchers Symposium. But before that happens, I’m excited to be teaching this Sunday with Marina Grechanik at Zandvoort beach, where we’ll do a full day of people sketching in a workshop aptly titled PeopleMania.

Packing these fun little handouts for the trip, and Marina’s bringing our official handout along too…

This is how my palette looked after my New York trip…

So it was time for a redo. I pulled out a few colors and decided to go with 16 pigments (and two open spots because you never know what I’ll want to add in , and Amsterdam will be an art-supplies Mecca).  It’s an all-Daniel Smith palette this time.

People bring such lovely cards to exchange to the symposium, but I never get to printing any (it needs planning, I guess!) So I took some of those postcards I cut up from artwork and added a sticker label to it. I’m taking them along to share at the Symposium.

Time to pack my backpack which holds my sketchkit (and yes, I travel with fountain pens, brushpens, a small water container, a waterbrush and pigments on all flights, it’s never been an issue so far).

Here’s everything that went in: A round brush, @rosemarybrushes dagger brush, white marker, fountain pens (all fude pens), @pentelofamerica brushpen, @holbeinartistmaterials titanium white gouache, tin of watersoluble graphite, @blackwing pencil, @danielsmithartistsmaterials watercolors (16 pigments), an assortment of colored pencils , @stillmanandbirn Beta sketchbooks in two sizes, @nalgene container for water. Packed in my suitcase is extra ink, an extra sketchbook, a foldable stool, backup pigments to refill paints, water bottle and a ton of handouts and teaching material for my workshops and demo. KIT

If you’re coming to Amsterdam, come say hi (I’m terrible at matching people I know online up with people in person, but I’d love to meet you!). If we’re not meeting up, I hope we meet sometime soon, at a workshop, at a sketchmeet, or just anywhere!

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11 Responses to Supplies packed, headed to Amsterdam

  1. kirk says:

    Have a good time! I am envious! I want to see lots of postings. Be safe!

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  2. Annie says:

    I also want to wish you a wonderful time on your trip and your teaching and your painting! What fun!

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  3. Bon Voyage Suhita and Happy Happy sketching.


  4. -N- says:

    Have a wonderful trip! I think the idea of cards cut or made from old artwork with your sticker on it is a lovely way to share about yourself with others. Looking forward to your posts.


  5. Bernadette says:

    Wonderful idea to cut up artwork and add your sticker…..soooooo much better than a printed copy of your art. I’m sure they will be gobbled up in a blink! I wonder what size you made them. Are they all the same size?
    Recently, I cut up old watercolors …1 1/2 x 6″ punched a hole at the top, added raffia and made bookmarks. Great way to thin out old work.

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  6. Interesting supplies you have!!

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  7. Kate Burroughs says:

    Love seeing the colors in your palette. There was only one I couldn’t read, between Quinicridone Rose and Lavender. Is it Cerulean Blue?

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