San Jose’s Pig Lights Up!

It was a big week for neon sign lovers in the Bay Area last week.

The Stephen’s Meat Products sign, one of San Jose’s most beloved signs, was fixed and lit up in a really fun relighting ceremony. I’ve never seen the pig dance, so I was excited. And of course, I sketched while I was there. And so did Sharkie.

And through it all, Preservation Action Council of San Jose sold shirts, because there’s always money to raise to save that next San Jose treasure. That’s tireless volunteer Pat Curia in the foreground and in the hat, far in the back, a huge advocate for San Jose’s signs, Heather David.

Next up for saving and restoring? The Orchard Supply Sign. The store might be gone, but the sign is in storage with History San Jose, waiting to be restored and relit. And when that happens, it will stand right by that lovely Osh boxcar. osh_at_history_park_small.jpg


About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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  1. ഭരതൻ says:

    Nice work again… keep doing

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