Day 14-17: Direct Watercolor Challenge

I’m a little surprised I’m still at this, I felt last week like I needed to take a break. So I took a couple of days off and then felt like doing a whole bunch of small pieces in a couple of days. So I’m back 🙂

Day 14 #30x30DirectWatercolor2019
Jacaranda in Warm Light.

Day 15 #30x30DirectWatercolor2019
Bay Area Traffic.

Day 16 #30x30DirectWatercolor2019
San Francisco Chinatown.

Day 17 #30x30DirectWatercolor2019
This coffee cup is direct watercolor, but it sits on a spread that uses different techniques: I started the piece with the women on the left in direct watercolor, but then added some brushpen over it. And the figure on the top right of the page was started in brushpen and the color came later. Interestingly, they all look pretty similar in style.



About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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10 Responses to Day 14-17: Direct Watercolor Challenge

  1. I love these, so much light and colour – the sketchbook spread and cup, I can’t stop looking into them!!


  2. Blogs-R-Us says:

    Suhita, you have by now amassed a large collection of sketchbooks and what not. How do you manage them? Are you thinking of scanning – if not already – every sketch to preserve them? Make a digital copy of every sketch you need/want. I am curious. I have a few of my drawings and sketches which I somehow preserved from getting destroyed (a lot of my early drawings from the 80s and 90s were eaten up by termites as I had left them in a trunk in India before my first overseas trip), and have scanned every one of them, though couldn’t do the same for large ones.

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  3. Annie says:

    Thank you for all the posting you do, Suhita, just your skies alone here are to admire, admire, and enjoy, yes, your cups and trees and people, too
    Love the line, my love, too!

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  4. pbass wil says:

    Wow, I’m a big fan of that coffee cup – and esp. the way you crop/framed it. There’s just enough delineation of the rim & the liquid so the eye is not confused. The semi-abstracted shapes, & their colours & textures, are very appealing! ( to my tastes, anyway )

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