My Everyday Sketchbook

My sketchbook records many small moments. Some sketches are better than others, but I’m always glad to have a memory recorded and thoughts jotted down in my everyday journal.

Here is the big red Yesco Signs truck at the Stephen’s Pig fixing the sign. Soon that sign will light up and the pig will ‘dance’ once more.

And a small sketch with notes on drawing crowds. Most of my lessons get planned in these sketchbooks.

A page of people-sketches over a coffee. Can you tell it’s summer here in San Jose?

And a page that records a rare haircut for my daughter.

This one is my experience at her middle-school graduation. We sat on the school lawn and I didn’t see much more than the crowd around me. Sketched with my minimal kit: Fountain pen, Pentel brush pen,  and waterbrush.

And a couple of sketches done with Uma Kelkar  and Rob Sketcherman.

Some things go by quickly and you catch what you can while it lasts. This is Rob messing around on the tabla. He’s a man of many talents, that one!

These are all sketched in a softcover Alpha book. With thinner paper than the Beta (which I also use, but for larger pieces), it feels less precious, has more pages, and seems just right for my everyday sketches.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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  1. I have been trying to do a similar travel book – but mine involves the food we eat! I also SUPER enjoy your technique!!!

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