In the Sierras

A little over 2 days of painting in the Sierras, a couple of weeks ago. For a change, I’m post just the paintings and very little commentary 🙂

Warming up on the street corner in Sierraville.

One landscape, two takes. View from the veranda. Why go anywhere with a view like this?sierras_window2

Two takes on an old barn.


Ponderosa Pine.


A colorful corner of the kitchen.

Three takes on a most incredible place. Old Iron Bridge, Feather River.



A gurgling stream.

Reluctantly heading back home. 


About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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15 Responses to In the Sierras

  1. Diane H Mutmansky says:

    Beautiful! I would love to paint like you do. Are these in sketchbooks or are they serous plein air paintings?

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  2. Beautiful ❤️ my heart gave a lurch when I saw that you painted in Sierraville. Not too far away over the Yuba Pass, you would find one of my favorite places to paint, the Sierra Buttes. They are slowly but surely plowing the road (Lakes Basin) to access that part of the country. Anyway fun to see your post.

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  3. pamlopez15 says:

    Amazing sketches, Suhita! Looks like to had a ball!

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  4. Carla says:

    Suhita, I have a couple of questions. In your sketch,”A Colorful Corner of the Kitchen,” did you only use transparent watercolor pigment? What colors did you use in this one? Fabulous colors. Also, in “Two Takes in an Old Barn,” did you use a brush pen for the darkest dark in the 1st one and paint for the darkest dark in the 2nd version?

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    • A Colorful Corner of the Kitchen: I use/mix freely from the colors in my palette which includes some non-transparents like Cobalt Teal and Lavender. ( my palette and supplies are always available under the “supplies” tab of my blog)
      Two Takes in an Old Barn: yes, darks in brushpen on one and in paint in the other.


      • carla592 says:

        Those colors in the Corner of the Kitchen are so so vibrant and they work so well together! Thank you for the information. I’ll look at your palette supply list.

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  5. What a great series. No words necessary for these. The joy you felt in painting comes through in the work. So beautiful to look at.

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  6. Very beautiful mountain scenes!!

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  7. princeremmy says:

    Wow, what a beautiful gurgling stream.

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  8. patricia saul says:

    These are just stunning and so inspirational. I am planning a trip to Montana and Yellowstone this July and plan to do some sketching. Thank you so much for sharing.

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