India 2019: Little sketches

I carry atleast two sketchbooks with me. A large 9×12 inch Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook and a smaller Alpha one. The little one is for quick sketches, 5 minute or less sketches, mostly. The sort of sketches I won’t make if I don’t have a small book. Or if I’m too lazy to pull out my pen. But the sort of drawings that end up meaning a lot to me when I look flip through my books after a trip.

Like this one of Taco.taco_dog_small.jpg

Or this little ‘stilllife’ on the side of the street that caught my attention. A scooter and a sign that announces that lunch is ready. I drove a little red scooter like that when I lived in Bangalore, which was a very, very long time ago.

This one captures a stance I am fascinated by, and see often: The left hand that remains raised like a flag through the whole process of eating a meal off a thali. Also, Bhaujichi Khanaval in Kudal has the best seafood.

My mom, cooking in the morning. Even when a sketch turns up strange and awkward, it has a place in my sketchbook. This one records two daily rituals in my mom’s home: Setting up the stuff that’s to be pressure-cooked for the day, and soaking ratambe .

My parents. For once, sitting down. This one is a full spread in my Alpha book. Besides my folks, this sketch records a wood-and-brass bowl that’s been around home ever since I can remember.

Pedicure time. A good time to sketch.

Sister-parks-car-to-run-across-the-street-to-get-something. That sort of quick sketch. The good thing is, anywhere I am, there is no dearth of stuff to draw.

Quick sketch of the ocean before the last light fades.

Lorries aka trucks. Always colorfully painted.

Little shrine by the roadside: Well-adorned Ganesha, sleeping dog, loitering men. A roadside cliche.

Small sketches, big memories. And a good reminder to keep a sketchbook handy, always.

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12 Responses to India 2019: Little sketches

  1. Paul says:

    Lovely memories so well captured! How small is your S&B Alpha book?

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  2. A wonderful post of your daily life on the trip. My favourite is the pedicure. I can see it was a busy trip but you found a little time to relax.

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  3. Lee Kline says:

    Thank you, Suhita. Reading and looking at your wonderful drawings and comments makes me (sometimes) wish I had begun a blog. The street scenes seem so familiar. My India journal is on my FLICKR page. Just go to albums and open India 2019.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee, it makes me so happy that with one trip to India you can relate to what I’m drawing! A blog is lovely, but a lot of work. It helps me think in words and when I started it, it helped me stay accountable to myself with drawing regularly.


  4. Frankye says:

    Your work is so direct and alive. It is exciting to look at!

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  5. Nice sketches from India.


  6. Bernadette says:

    Your visual recordings are better than photos. They share the emotion of your days, show where your heart is found. Lovely.


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