I’ve been doing a lot of workshops the last couple of weeks. Love the teaching, but I miss my drawing time. It’s not that I don’t end up drawing, it’s just that it’s not drawing alone, which is how I usually draw. And a lot of the drawings are in very little bits of time.

This one is the demo piece from last week’s workshop, “An Introduction to Urban Sketching”. At the Ferry Building on a grey day. An orange rickshaw really adds pop to an otherwise monochromatic day.

This was done as a study for a workshop at the San Jose Museum of Art.

A coffee break downtown at Caffe Frascati. I love how the logo on the window is a halo on this guys head.

Quick demo sketch, based on the idea of starting at something you find interesting and then taking a line for a walk.

And then I got interested in the museum goers and sketched them. No wet media in the museum. Colored pencil and pen.

While everyone in this weekend’s workshop worked on their final sketch outdoors (the rain gods, amazingly, gave us a break for a bit) I painted the clocktower.

The best way for me to decompress from a day of teaching is to do a sketch, all by myself. This one is at the Fountainhead Bar in Sofa Market in downtown San Jose. Dark silhouettes of the crowd at the bar and jewel-like bottles on the shelves behind them.



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  1. Nice sketches, I really like the one of the Ferry Building.


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