A little wander down the coast: Part 2

New Years Day seemed to be going really well at Pismo Beach. The kids explored little sea caves on a beach that only shows up at low tide. I painted the cliffs.

Then I got to my car to go on to our next destination, Carmel-by-the-Sea. And I couldn’t find my car keys. They were dropped someplace through my wandering all morning. To cut a long story short, many hours later I had a very expensive new set of keys, and the wonderful folks at the lobby of Pismo Lighthouse Suites had fed us, kept us warm, and had been my source of endless cups of coffee.

My hands down favorite state park in California is Point Lobos. Great hikes, cliffs, beaches, twisted Monterey Pines, sea lions on rocks just off the shore and whales out at sea. Plus, the sea is a brilliant blue.

At the end of the day? A beer for me at a cozy little bar. Carmel Classic is a local beer I’d never tried before.

One last post about the trip coming tomorrow.

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5 Responses to A little wander down the coast: Part 2

  1. Jane Jackson says:

    Your final sea sketch is truly special, beautiful and inspiring. The colours of the sea are so jewel- like and I like the way you have added just the right amount of line detail to the rocks. It has a real sense of place and I can tell from the sketch how much you love this coast line.

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  2. msraaka says:

    I love Pt. lobos and you have captured it beautifully!

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  3. Lovely sketches, making me remember a trip to that area many decades ago.

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  4. Beautiful Beach Scenes, its nice to know you are still enjoying the sun in California. It is cold here and there is snow on the ground. But in a few months it will warm up.


  5. deb says:

    Those blues at Point Lobos are fantastic. Thanks for sharing your new year’s journey.

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