The Urban Sketchers Symposium 2019 in Amsterdam

If you were planning to go to the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Amsterdam in 2019, mark your calendars for Saturday, February 2nd. That’s when registration opens.

I’m very honored to be joining this amazing faculty again with my workshop Scavenged Sketches: Gathering Tales of People, Places and Objects.


We will rummage through Amsterdam’s famous flea market and gather visual stories.
And we’ll draw lots of people(among other things), of course.

Registration opens Saturday, 2 February. More details here:

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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6 Responses to The Urban Sketchers Symposium 2019 in Amsterdam

  1. I went to Amsterdam for the first time last month and fell in love. This sound amazing 😭

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  2. Great title Suhita! Bound to be a very popular workshop. Congratulations.

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    Hi, Suhita I am torn. I really want to take your 8 week sketch course. Problem is I have another workshop that is on one of the thurs so I’d miss a session. I think you still have space? Is there any way to do the sessions and skip one without feeling lost? Feb 21 is the one I’d have to miss. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks-Elaine

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    • Elaine, I’ll be doing one another time! Also, this one just filled up, and that takes care of that problem for now 🙂


    • Elaine, the bit I didn’t mention in your comment on the blog is that you DON’T want to take this course: all my intro. courses start at foundations, so you’d do the same first bit bit: color, value, triads, limited palettes, value studies, perspective and even the figure drawing form photos. The only difference is that urban sketching does work on location and in this one we do some composition layout principles as well and typography and page design. It’s one or the other between these two courses really and you already did one 🙂

      See you at lifedrawing sometime. I’m not starting this week, with class #1 tomorrow, I want a restful morning. But form next week onwards, we’re back in action!



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