Wrapping up 2018 : Hello 2019

I couldn’t end the year without a thank you.

Thank you for coming along on this ride for another year as I attempt to put into words how I see and paint. Words are an awkward second language for many visual artists. I’m no exception. So I’m especially grateful (and sometimes surprised) that so many of you read through my long-winded and sometimes verbose attempts to explain what I do.

Some highlights of 2018: 
• My show of over 70 sketches of vintage signs in San Jose, and a video on KQED Arts that accompanied it. The website stays up, but the show just ended. Here is the video.


• Teaching at 9th Urban Sketchers Symposium in Porto, Portugal. Here again, is a link to a free downloadable pdf  from that workshop.

• Weekly life-drawing sessions through most of the year. This year I moved from attending life-drawing sessions to hosting a weekly session at my studio. The no-teaching, no-critique, no-judgement format has been super-useful in helping me keep up a practice that is so vital to drawing for me.

• Challenges: Among my favorite ones this year were the 30×30 Direct Watercolor Challenge set up with Marc Holmes. See all my posts about it here.

And a personal challenge I plan to keep working on, Drawing Hands.

And now for 2019?

So many ideas, so many half-plans (some of which I’ll announce soon).

The one bit I’m pretty pleased about is that for once, I’ve got my act together and chalked out the first few workshops of the year. There’s something for everyone here with a short 3-hour introductory workshop, longer ones that meet once a week for 8 weeks, weekend workshops (because you asked) and even one exciting adventure on a boat.

They’re all here on the Workshops page, including this new one in San Francisco that I just added today.blog_class_header

Here’s to a wonderful, creative 2019, and thank you again. I’m not big on the bubbly stuff, but I’ll raise my G and T to that.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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9 Responses to Wrapping up 2018 : Hello 2019

  1. Really nice work! Hope to see much more of it in 2019 ☺☺

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  2. Wishing you a happy new year 🎊🎈

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  3. Congrats on a productive and creative year! Wishing you more of the same and some new challenges in 2019!

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  4. Karen Fabian says:

    Happy new year! You’re so prolific and wonderfully entertaining in your blog. Congratulations on a successful year and best wishes for 2019.

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  5. Susan Wilaon says:

    Suhita, you didn’t mention your generous fundraising drive for the fire victims—excellent idea of yours. Love your work and wish you another productive year in 2019.

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  6. s. m. says:

    Hi and happy New Year, Suhita.. loved your sign show and all your fun emails and the day of drawing in the mts..!.. would like to know if your studio figure drawing group is closed (due to space) or may others join?.. we live close, dont know where your studio is and would appreciate drawing!.. do get to the Alameda Art Works too…. thanks so much… sandra mac d


  7. miatagrrl says:

    Happy New Year, Suhita! I mentioned your blog on my blog today! 😉


  8. bwildnfree says:

    happy new year 🙂
    I love your work!!


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