Persimmon Season

Persimmon season begins whenever we first visit Gay and there’s persimmons on her trees. Here are Gay, Nina and me drawing the fruit on the tree. With the leaves still on the trees and as brightly colored as the fruit itself, it’s pretty well camouflaged.


And then the fruit comes home and gets drawn over and over. It feels like a race to the bottom of the (pretty big) pile I bring home: there is me, painting the fruit, and the rest of my family eating it faster than I can paint it…Here are some pieces, with both Hachiya and Fuyu persimmon.persimmon_2


And a big grouping of them…

There might be a few more I can paint before we hit the bottom of that pile…

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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12 Responses to Persimmon Season

  1. Jane Jackson says:

    These are fabulous! What colours have you used for the fruit and shadows? Did you cut your paper into circles for some of the sketches? You have made the persimmon look so luscious and edible and full of life.

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    • Thank you! The circular paper is a sample I was given of a paper pad cut that is circular: The paper is Magnani 1404, Italia and Ive never used it before. I like it but haven’t done much compare and contrast to say more… On the group of persimmon the base orange is Schminke Transluscent Orange. On the other persimmons it is Daniel Smith Transparent Pyrrol Orange. I love both colors, and they’re the same pigment number, but very different in character. The Schminke is a cleaner orange, the DS one I find more versatile.


  2. Grace says:

    I love the ones that come to a point. Almost pear shape. Bought flat ones and did not like them. When are the flat ones ready to eat. And which name is which.


  3. Susan Wilson says:

    Very juicy Suhita on many levels. Always love to see your works.

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  4. avriii says:

    Just great! πŸ™‚

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  5. Persimmon season is my favourite season. I look at your sketch of them every day. Hope to sketch these in person next year, with you of course!

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  6. These paintings are delicious

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  7. Nice paintings of fall, unfortunately fall is over here and we are getting snow now.

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