Art for a Cause: California Fires, Winter 2018

The artist Uma Kelkar and I launched a fundraiser on facebook yesterday. The idea is simple: You donate directly to the Red Cross to help the Fire Victims in California, and we send you a thank you postcard with a piece of original art on it.

It has been a pretty amazing (almost) 24 hours since we launched the fundraiser. Friends and fellow artists from all over the country have contributed generously. And only the fact that this particular non-profit won’t accept donations from abroad has kept more from coming in. We’re so thankful to everyone that’s stepped up, and we think we will reach our final goal sometime very soon.

If you’d like to make a donation, the money goes directly to the Red Cross and the fundraiser page is here.

If you’re an artist, it isn’t hard to make postcards for a cause. You can either spend an afternoon painting little pieces like Uma did or you can collect them over time like I do: So often I’ll have a piece that doesn’t quite work out, as a whole. But there’s always bits of it I like. And that’s where my postcard template comes in. I mark up the bit I like and cut it out and just like that, I have an original art postcard. A stamp on the back, a handwritten note and it’s ready to go.

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4 Responses to Art for a Cause: California Fires, Winter 2018

  1. tonyadale says:

    Thank you for posting this Suhita. We’re among the thousands in our community who lost their home; we also lost our business so our livelihood is gone. Plus all the watercolor/sketching supplies I didn’t happen to have with me (we’ve been out of town on “vacation” since before the fire began) and all of my created sketchbooks (but I’m new at this so I only had two completed, so that’s good news in a way, right? Not like all of you with *dozens* of sketchbook which could be lost). That all said, I know these Red Cross funds will be able to be used by so many people I know personally. Thank you, again.


  2. Yoorah Lee says:

    What an generous idea! Done!


  3. Yoorah Lee says:

    What a generous idea! Done!


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