State of the Journal

Journal pages are perfect for a bit of ‘social sketching’: chatting, testing and taking notes all get recorded as an experience. Through this spread, I’m testing different color palettes, discussing pigments and mixes, drinking my coffee and drawing patrons.testing_jurnal

After that first spread, I did this one, an unfinished one. And though the words are missing, this is enough for me to remember what was discussed and some color mixes I want to try  and pigments I might swap out in my palette.

More social journaling and pen-testing. In my notes: pens I tried, books that were recommended. And coffee. I love Chromatic’s Keynote blend and bought some to take home for my Life Drawing group to enjoy.

Sketching in a group again, this one at the South Bay Sketchers meetup that happens once a month. If you live in the Bay Area join us for our next one by signing up at Meetup.

Some pages, like the two above, are done in one sitting. But many, like this one below are done through my day. I start with the apples and get halfway through painting them when I need to break to do other stuff. But the journal and my sketchkit remain on my breakfast table, and I come back, add my cup of chai that I drink after my kids are off to school and before I start my workday. The apples get finished later in the day. And that evening, my son comes home from school and makes it to a corner of the spread. I love going back and reading all the random writings on the page: things he tells me about China and about starlings…

At some point that evening, I call the spread done.

That’s how it goes for most journal pages for me. How does your daily sketch practice usually go? Is there an assigned time for it? Or do you just fit it in when you can? How often do you end up sketching this way?


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15 Responses to State of the Journal

  1. kimbidraws says:

    Usually I work in my journal on mornings before I go to work. I try to sketch during the day if I can, particularly at lunchtime. I love art journaling it has really helped to think and to get better at sketching. I think I work it with my schedule. There is no specific time I have to draw.

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  2. mayelalameda says:

    I love your journal spreads. Like to read the small text on them. Also love the fact that they’re dynamic and tell your story. How do you like the TWSBI Eco? I have one and has become one of my favorite pens.

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  3. marasconuts says:

    Love this! Can you tell me which sketchbook you are using here?

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  4. Anke Wagner says:

    I ‘be been following your blog for over a year now .
    We live in South -East Alaska on a boat so “Real-estate ” is at a primum.
    Beeing a beginner though I want to “burn paper” to learn the art ,so the answer for me right now is a “Dry -eraseboard” which is lying quite handy on the couch and I can nab it at any moment of the day .
    It is amazing how freeing it is to know the results are temporary , one can totally get engrossed into the process .
    When I do like something particularly well I snapp a photo of it 🙂
    I don ‘t mean to suggest it as a better alternative to a journal . I think I will love starting one myself some time here but as a tool to delve into drawing at any moment of the day with not much set up and total focus it is really handy


  5. Nice journaling I really like the trolley, and the locomotive.

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  6. pamlopez15 says:

    As usual, your sketches are dynamic and so full of life! I have learnbed so much from you, Suhita, and now I can see the difference it is making in my work. Thank you for inspiring us! The Las Vegas Urban Sketchers often talk about the fun we had at your workshop!


  7. Cora Brown says:

    I’m intrigued by the “Do I need more art supplies pie chart.” Please tell us more about it. I work on an art project every day for a block of time between 8 am and 2 pm. It might be in my journal, or writing and illustrating a travel story, or a special art project. I’m enjoying your people sketching class on Craftsy right now.

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