More sketching adventures with Liz Steel.

One of the things I like about sketching with other sketchers is that I get to sketch different stuff from what I’d usually gravitate towards. I knew Liz had been sketching the Painted Ladies in San Francisco a few days earlier, so I thought we’d visit some local Victorians on 6th street in San Jose.

Like this relatively sedately painted one. It’s color scheme might have been simple, but it more than made up for it with a maddeningly complex structure. I find that if I manage to convey the whimsical nature of these homes, it makes up for some structural issues in my sketch. Or so I like to think.

Right across the street was yet another great home. Easier to draw, and with a much more flamboyant color scheme. This one was painted in under 15 minutes, because, it was almost school pick-up time. I’ve said this often to people who ask how I learnt to work fast: there’s nothing like working around small kids to make you work quickly. My kids aren’t little anymore, but old habits die hard.

I thought we were done with painting Victorians, but later that week, Nina suggested we sketch this lovely Queen Anne Victorian in Palo Alto, so we were back at it again.



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8 Responses to Victorians

  1. Thanks as always, you are an inspiration.

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  2. Lois Stevens says:

    I wish I knew your were painting on 6th st. I own an Italianate Victorian on that street. I recognized those houses even before I realized that you said they were on 6th st. I can’t believe I’ve never even painted my own building which I’ve owned for 30 years. Guess I’m always too busy painting walls or fixing toilets when I go down there. How did you happen to pick 6th Street to paint with Liz?

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    • Lois, if you send me a house number, I’ll go find it and paint it next time I’m there. I know the gentleman who owns the second house in this piece and so I’ve been on this street before. When Liz visited I thought I’d take her to paint it…


      • Lois Stevens says:

        Hi Suhita- That is Marcus’ house, isn’t it? I’ve sketched in his backyard which is lovely. My building is 593 S. 6th- Its the corner of 6th and Reed. I’d love to go paint with you on 6th St.


  3. Bernadette says:

    These are wonderful sketches! When many others would use their children as an excuse as to why they have no time to draw, you CHOSE to draw. Make no excuses for your style. I did not notice structural issues with your buildings. Your style is different from Liz who has a background in archecture. Both styles are pleasing to the eye. Thank you for sharing. It is inspiring.

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    • Bernadetta, little kids and sketching is hard, no doubt. But it’s possible to adapt what you do to finding little windows of time to draw. And no, not making excuses for my style: I often start drawings from the point of a scene that interests me: with victorians, it’s often decorative turrets and such, and a building ‘built’ topdown is not very sound 🙂 But I’m okay with that.


  4. Wonderful work!👏👏☺


  5. Nice Victorian Houses, I like the bold marks.


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