Porto: Last Sketches

One last set of sketches from Porto. This first one? You guessed it, a piece created in Maru Godas‘ really fun workshop, Gouache Like a Child. porto_maru.jpg

The boat piece was one I sketched one evening after teaching two back-to-back workshops. I just needed some sketch-by-myself time and the boats on the Duoro River were perfect: simple shapes and really fun to draw.

This next set is from the day after the Symposium, and the last day I spent in Porto. Unwinding from a crazy week of sketching is best done by, well, sketching some more, but at a far more relaxed pace. I spent the day sketching with Jane Blundell and Paul Wang and it was fun to watch how differently all of us approached the same subjects. This first sketch is about as fiddly as I get, messing around with stuff forever, not getting very far at all. The Clerigos Tower in Porto.porto_lastday1

And another view of the tower, this one drawn in ArtGraf watersoluble graphite, which is locally made and is such a lovely soft grey.

I haven’t a clue what this building was but it was gorgeous, covered in blue azulejos. So I  drew just one ornate door, the people who stood in the shade of that building, and then had fun swirling around creating the feel of the azulejo patterns.

Last piece from the day. Aptly, food, which I enjoyed immensely in Portugal. Loved the Padrón peppers, they go so well with a beer!

After that it was back to Lisbon for a couple of days before heading home. Those sketches, coming next…

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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2 Responses to Porto: Last Sketches

  1. The more you travel, Suhita, the more exciting your artwork becomes. These are fabulous sketches.

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  2. Nice sketches, I really like the one of the people crossing the street.

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