Drawing Hands

The next two months look jam-packed with work, the kind of schedule that quickly becomes an excuse to not get out and draw. So I’m giving myself a little project to work on, something I can do in little bits through the day.

I’m drawing hands in this little book. I even drew a hand on the cover so you know I’m committed 🙂

Here’s why.

(If you can’t read my handwriting, it says: “100 Hands is an attempt to better understand hands so I can use them more expressively and confidently in my work.”)

I’ve drawn a few in the book and I mean to keep drawing. Some hands are drawn watching my kids and using my own hand as a model, but there are two really valuable sources I’m using to learn and practice.

One is an online video, The Ultimate Guide to Drawing Hands with Richard Pace.
And the other is an online resource called Line of Action.




Will I draw a hundred hands? Will I stop at a hundred? I don’t know, I figured I’d just start without worrying too much about the end.


I’m hoping the project helps me
1) Understand hands better. Hands are super-expressive and I’d like to use them better in my work.
2) Draw a little bit everyday, no matter how busy my day is.
2) Draw even on days I can’t sketch outside.

I’ll post updates once in a while and I’ll be tagging those studies with #drawhundredhands on instagram. You can too!

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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14 Responses to Drawing Hands

  1. Love drawing hands, been doing it for a few years now, always available and there are so many interesting poses!

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  2. Robin says:

    Very cool idea!

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  3. bmweeks says:

    Great idea – one I’m going to use!


  4. msraaka says:

    Great idea to do a study for awhile. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Martha says:

    Wonderful! And I love the idea of 100 whatevers, going to add a few into my mix! Thanks as always for sharing.


  6. Bruce Martin says:

    Thanks – very good illustrations. I also have an Android app “Hand Draw 3D Pose ” with recommendations.


  7. annerose says:

    these are fantastic!


  8. Dianne Lanning says:

    I’d like to think “Great Minds,” This book idea is very good. Mine is called “My Left Hand,” simply because no matter where I go or stay, my left hand is always there in case there is nothing else to draw of interest. I found most things become interesting as you draw them, so it usually means it’s too dark to see anything else! I LOVE your sketching where ever you go, it’s why your sketches are so GOOD! Some of my favorites of my own turn out to be when I’m waiting. Like at the Social Security office, Jury selection, those times when there is a variety of people and they all have to stay relatively in place. It’s a great buffet of humanity from every walk of life, You are inspiring.

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  9. Grace says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I think I will join you and do at least 15 minutes a day on hands.


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