Seville: Family Travels in Spain and Portugal

Seville is the capital of Andalusia and feels like it. We spent almost all day at the Alcazar and I didn’t sketch much all day because I just keep wandering through hall after splendid hall and then through fantastic gardens and just wanted to take it all in and not stop.

Still, here is a quick sketch of the Courtyard of the Maidens. For those of you that have written in and commented on instagram about not being allowed to sketch in Granada and Seville: I find that if I stand up and sketch/paint, (as I often to) holding all my supplies including wearing my backpack, I rarely get reprimanded for sketching. It’s different when I settle down and lay my supplies out. So when in doubt, I’ll stand.

This second piece from the gardens remains unfinished, not only because the peacocks decided to come inspect us, but also because we were told by the guards that we couldn’t lie around in the gardens… oh well, you can see some of us enjoyed it while we could.


This was sketched at a flamenco performance in Seville, quite different from the flamenco in Granada. This was grander, the costumes more flamboyant. Lovely as it was, I’m a fan of smaller, more intimate performances. As always, everywhere we went, there was incredible tile.

And here’s a quick sketch over dinner with notes of the tapas consumed on the top left, and an update on the day’s football match on the top right. Oh, and some tile notes too.

One last piece, of the Seville Cathedral. Huge and grand.  I sketched it sitting quite a distance away and I still had to crane my neck to get it all in one view.

From Seville, we jumped across the border into Portugal to the enchanting little town of Evora. That’s up next.

Meanwhile, here are the earlier posts on Granada and Cordoba.











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6 Responses to Seville: Family Travels in Spain and Portugal

  1. D. Abreu says:

    This looks like great fun. Do you do your sketches with pen or pencil and then watercolor? Or just watercolor? How do you manage to be inconspicuous with the watercolors and all?


    • some have a wee bit of pencil just to place things on a page, but for the most part I go straight to pen and watercolor: the order I use those two in changes every time. As to how I’m inconspicuous, I don’t know I don’t particularly try for it, I just keep out of people’s walking path. Lots of people and sometimes guards too come and chat and look at what I’m doing, I quite enjoy that bit.


  2. Not allowed to sketch?? Wha.. sounds like we need USK to get in there and let them know how vital art is..
    Thanks for the posts!


  3. Diane Winters says:

    Hi Suhita, Do you know the rationale behind not permitting sketching? Have you run into anything like that in any of your other wide-ranging travels? I photograph constantly and there are certainly places where that’s not allowed, usually in indoor situations either for religious reasons or to protect art from flash damage or copyright infringement. But sketching??? Outdoors?


  4. miatagrrl says:

    Aha — so maybe that’s the trick! I almost always sketch standing up with my bag on my shoulder at all times, and I’ve never been told I couldn’t sketch — even in places that I later learned I wasn’t supposed to be sketching. I’m glad I knew the secret without knowing it!

    – Tina


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