Cordoba: Family Travels in Spain and Portugal

After Granada, we drove towards Seville, but stopped for an afternoon in Cordoba. If I visit this part of the world again, Cordoba will get way more time than it got on this trip.

If you’re in Cordoba just a few hours then head straight to the Great Mosque of Córdoba. Once a mosque, now a cathedral. 856 columns topped with striped double arches in the main hall. Fascinating to look at, madness to sketch.

I’m not a drawer of detailed structure, so there was no way I was going to plot, measure and draw out every arch. Which means I had to convey they idea of this crazy striped madness without drawing it all. As I often do with a tough subject, I did multiple quick takes. Here they are.

Take 1.

Take 2, from the very same spot. A little less line, a little bolder.

Taking it easy by choosing a far simpler angle for Take 3.

Cordoba has far more to offer than just this amazing church-mosque. We squeezed in a lovely lunch, getting lost in the narrow alleys around the mosque, and a gelato break into the rest of our afternoon before heading to Seville.

If you missed my first post with sketches from Granada, it’s here.
next up? Seville. Stay tuned.


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1 Response to Cordoba: Family Travels in Spain and Portugal

  1. Paintprojectblog says:

    Lovely sketches 🙂 I like how the colour tones makes it look like a big, heavy building, like there is a lot on top of the sketch that we don’t see 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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