Harvesting Lavender

I resisted using line here because I’m still working at the  Direct Watercolor challenge. (This is day 24)

Painting a scene with a person in it, from life, and then painting in negative to keep that white shirt thing going against the dark lavender…dw24_lavender2dw24_lavender1

All I can say is I’m glad harvesting lavender isn’t a super-quick process, because direct watercolor is NOT quick for me in this sort of situation. What would’ve been an easy capture with line and color became a 40 minute piece… But hey, I’m learning.

Thank you, Jayne Sonnenschein, I’d never have known of this gorgeous lavender farm right here in my neighborhood without you sleuthing out all these amazing locations. The Urban Sketchers community and the local watercolor and sketchbook groups I occasionally paint with never cease to amaze me in how much the artists in the community are willing to share of what they know and discover.


About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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