Direct Watercolor, a weekend of catchup

Number 13 to 17 of my pieces for the Direct Watercolor challenge were all done in one weekend because I was far behind on the challenge. I know it isn’t the point of the challenge to do this sort of quick rushed thing, but I really didn’t like that I was behind. Funny how that works. So here they are, all quick little pieces, as you can see.

First, two takes on my go-to model. This first piece uses Daniel Smith’s Monte Amiata Natural Sienna, a recent color substitution in my palette that’s working really nicely for me. Both these skulls are painted on the wrong side of Arches Cold Press paper. I have so many ‘didn’t get anywhere’ pieces lying around, it makes sense to use the back of the paper. Besides, it quickly puts me in a mindset of playing and experimenting instead of trying to produce a painting.



This one isn’t painted from life. I looked at a photograph, noodled around a bit and then just did whatever I wanted with it. Why? Because it was a hot weekend and it felt perfect for a gin & tonic. Who would’ve thought such a wonderful drink came about as a malaria-fighting tool?

Wrapping up the weekend with two quick studies of fruit from the farmer’s market. Here in California we’re lucky to have farmer’s markets all year round. But in the summer, they outdo themselves. Peaches and nectarines in a handmade ceramic bowl in deep blue. Both on Arches Cold Press paper, one on the wrong side of the paper: It’s not hard to tell from the color which one is on the wrong side…


And that gets me to about the halfway point in the challenge! Another 15 to go, and a few quick thoughts o the challenge coming up next.

You can join the Direct Watercolor group on facebook here. When you post, tag your work with #30x30DirectWatercolor2018


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3 Responses to Direct Watercolor, a weekend of catchup

  1. pbass wil says:

    The Arches-wrong-side peaches are still nice; two ticks of PhoSho’s Saturation slider and Bob’s their uncle. :^)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lael Sorensen says:

    You are outdoing yourself. Your tips at the beginning, the depth of your commentary along the way, and range of subjects/venues/experimenting styles are blowing me away. You have just stepped up what was already a rich and substantive urban sketchers blog to another level. Sure I’m not the only one to notice. Fabulous work. Thank you!


    • Lael, thank you, how very nice of you to leave a note: I figured I’d share my thinking/doing process, especially since working in direct watercolor puts me in a place where I am really working very hard to make those pieces come together ( and working even harder to keep from picking up a pen!). I’m hoping that sharing the good and the bad is helpful to atleast some blog readers, so thank you for the encouraging words!


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