Weekend in Yosemite: Part 1

We did a quick weekend trip to Yosemite for Hari’s birthday. Our timing couldn’t have been sweeter: the weather was warm enough for me to enjoy sketching outside (which means it must have been close to 70 degrees), the waterfalls were glorious and the dogwoods were in bloom.

I had just switched up a whole bunch of colors in my palette, literally hours before we left, which always makes for an interesting experience, since some of those colors I’d never used before. But travel sketching with a brand new set of colors also means you get to know them quickly! I’m posting these sketches in the order in which they were sketched and I think you can see I wasn’t sure how to mix those colors yet, particularly in the first few ones…

Lower Yosemite Falls. Not much of a hike, but always spectacular, in spite of the crowds. Also, always cold from the spray off the falls.

Sometimes I really can’t make a sketch work. This small corner of one of a gurgling stream is the only piece I liked. I’ll take a corner I like, it’s still fun to make the sketch, whether it works or not.

No Yosemite trip is complete without a sketch of Half Dome. See that slash of Aussie Red Gold? A new color for me. I love it, but have yet to know it well enough to not get carried away with it…

Later that afternoon at a sandbank by a river. Luckily my kids will still build sandcastles if they find anything resembling a beach. They played. I sketched. Hari napped (he’s not in the sketch).

I toyed with the idea of paddling down the river in an inflatable dingy, but it was just so much easier to sit in the sun on the bank and watch Yosemite Falls (see it?) in the distance…

A few more sketches from Yosemite, coming tomorrow.


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11 Responses to Weekend in Yosemite: Part 1

  1. Wonderful sketches! That splash of red, perfect, and the last is so full of light.


  2. Carmela Sunnyvale says:

    Suhita–lovely views of my favorite wonderland. The final sketch is my favorite–like the composition and minimal line work. Yes, I’ll be doing some ‘direct to watercolor’ for the 30×30 challenge in June. It will be fun to be part of the spirit of the group. I know I’ll not make the stated goal–but I can accept that. Lots of good suggestions from the 5 main artist sponsors.
    PS: I don’t do Facebook/Instagram, etc. but I will follow websites listed by Marc Tao Holmes and Liz Steel.


  3. Nancy Waldron says:

    L9 very these sketches. I used to live close enough to Yosemite to have day trips and lunch in the valley. My husband and I had many dates there while we were courting. I am also going to try the 30×30 challenge in June. Fun.


  4. Betsy Angene says:

    Suhita, especially love the last sketch. What sketchbook are you using?

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